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The odds of winning in draw-based lottery games are based on two factors: 1. How many numbers must be matched 2. The size of the number pool. For example: For LOTTO 6/49, the odds of winning the jackpot are based on matching 6 numbers out of a number pool of 49 numbers.

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How to use the Lotto Odds Calculator. Enter the number of balls to be drawn Enter the total number of balls from which these are drawn Choose the total number of prize levels the lottery has, eg: Match 6, Match 5, Match 4 and Match 3 would be 4 levels If the lottery includes bonus numbers eg: a Powerball, tick the "include bonus balls" box If

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Which Lottery Has the Best Jackpot Odds? The size of a jackpot is what attracts many people to play the lottery although the bigger the jackpot, the lower the chances of winning it. Jackpots of the American Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries have in the past skyrocketed to over $1.5 billion.

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The prize pool for LOTTO 6/49 is based on a parimutuel share. A parimutuel share is a calculation where the total monies allocated to a prize category are divided by the total number of winners in that category.

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TOTAL PRIZE PAYOUT OF LOTTO MAX SALES. 48% of LOTTO MAX draw sales are dedicated to the Prize Fund. The total amount of $20 and Free Play prizes is paid from the Prize Fund, and the balance of the fund (the Pools Fund) is then allocated to the 4/7 + Bonus, 5/7, 5/7 + Bonus, 6/7, 6/7 + Bonus and 7/7 prize categories as indicated in the table below.